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Embodiment Ceremony Sisterhood

Ariadne is passionate about empowering women to connect to their inner guidance so they can show up more authentically in their lives.

Ariadne is a certified reiki energy healer, ecstatic dance guide, eating disorder recovery mentor, goddess embodiment teacher & sacred space holder.


She helps women connect to their inner power & intuition through learning about ancient earth based Goddess traditions.


She is skilled at creating safe spaces for women to embody their most authentic self, through magic, ceremony, sacred sisterhood, & creative self expression.

She hosts monthly Goddess Gatherings in New York City, as well as immersions and retreats internationally.

She is skilled at supporting others on their journey of self-discovery through her extensive knowledge of psychology and holistic healing practices.


Women's Immersions and Retreats

My Mission

My mission is to empower you to embody your most authentic self!


My guidance helps you release subconscious conditioning, let go of self-limiting beliefs and overcome the fears preventing you from living your fullest life.


I am here to support you on your journey of self-discovery as you reconnect to the most authentic, empowered, creative and fully embodied version of yourself!

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