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We Begin September 9th!

Connect to Your Divine Feminine Wisdom By Learning About Ancient Goddess Traditions &

The Mysteries of Elemental Magic.


Unleash Your Inner Goddess Power through Sacred Ritual, Ceremony, and Embodied Practices.


Learn to Harness the Powerful Energies of the Elements of Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal.


Are You Ready to Step Into The Goddess Archetype and Cross Into this Online Portal of Pure Alchemical Magic?

How Will This Mentorship Help Me?

Immersing yourself in Ancient Goddess Wisdom and the deep symbolism of each element will empower you to reconnect to your inner guidance and establish an authentic connection with yourself. Ultimately allowing you to alchemize a life that is in full alignment with your true desires and values.

What is Goddess Embodiment?

It is a way of honoring and embodying divine feminine wisdom through playing with the archetype of the Goddess. The Goddess is an archetype that can be used to connect to one's inner power, intuition, strength and authentic self expression. Ultimately embodying the Goddess can mean different things to different people, however what is shared by all who play with this archetype is a deep appreciation for and devotion to the divine feminine.

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Forest Path
Air Pressure
Pink Clouds

Elemental Goddess Embodiment

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Who Are We

Week 1 Opening Ceremony: Live Call


Week 2 How to Create an Elemental Altar


Week 3 Air- Smoke Cleansing Ceremony: Live Call


Week 4 Water- Ritual Washing


Week 5 Fire-Releasing Ceremony


Week 6 Earth- Manifestation Ritual


Week 7 Integration Week


Week 8 Metal- Chord Cutting Ceremony: Live Call


Week 9 Bonus: Manifestation Ritual #2

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